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Are you struggling to feel like


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Carolyn Jost | Psychologist

Are you an expat looking to live a happier life abroad?


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Hi, I'm Carolyn, and welcome to my practice, The Expat Psychologist. I'm a psychologist and a fellow expat here in Switzerland. My mission is to respond to the various mental health needs that the expat community has, through psychological counselling, psychological assessment and workshops


Are you an expat struggling to feel like yourself? I am here to help you experience the change and purpose you are looking for. 

Through the values of
empathy, respect, transparency, humour and creativity, I strive to accompany you during your process of personal development, where we will discover and work on the psychological, emotional and behavioral obstacles that are preventing you from living the life you want overseas. 

Psychological Counselling & Personal Development

Psychological Testing


International Businesses

International Schools 

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