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My name is Carolyn Jost. 

I am an accredited Swiss Psychologist, pleased to offer psychological services to the expatriate community in Switzerland and abroad.  

A fellow expat, I grew up as a "Third Culture Kid" (term coined by sociologist Ruth Hill Useem). Having lived in Switzerland, the U.S.A, Italy, and the U.K, I have personally experienced the beautiful life of an expat, and have also experienced the adaptational and identity challenges that can come with it.

I haven't always been a Psychologist. Before I embarked on the journey to become a Psychologist, I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in History in the U.K. Indeed, I have always been fascinated by the study of personalities and I believe one of my greatest strengths as a psychologist is my ability to conceptualise, show links that are often well hidden, and offer hypotheses and analyses that make sense to my clients. 

I have over 13 years of combined theoretical and practical experience in psychology. counselling, and education. 

It is my hope that my professional and clinical experience as a psychologist, as well as my personal experiences as an expat, will provide you with the tools you are looking for to help you further adapt to your new life. 


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M.A.S Post-Graduate training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the title of Psychotherapist - University of Lausanne (2019 2024)

M.Sc Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology - University of Lausanne (2018)

B.Sc Psychology- University of Geneva (2016)

M.Sc and PhD classes in Special Education & Human Development and Psychology - University of Geneva and University of California, Los Angeles (2013) 

B.Sc Certificates in Education and Special Education- University of Geneva (2012)

B.A in History- University of York, U.K (2011)


The Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP) (click)

l'Association Vaudoise des Psychologues (AVP) 

l'Association Suisse de Psychothérapie Cognitive (ASPCo) 


Photo by: celynek 

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