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Is psychological counselling right for me? 

Seeking to begin psychological counselling is a personal choice. There are many reasons why people begin counselling. Often times it's in response to life changes, such as moving country, work transitions, or changes within the family. Others might feel okay in their lives right now but wish to pursue personal development and to grow from what they learn about themselves. Working with a licensed psychologist can help you understand yourself better, provide insight, counsel and tools for various types of challenges. 


Psychological counselling is generally short-term, focusing on or several specific issues. Studies have shown that for sessions to be the most effective, it requires active participation from the client. For this reason, I may sometimes ask you to take certain actions outside of our sessions. You can expect to end counselling with tools for enacting positive change, and with a better understanding of your emotions and negative thought patterns. 

Please note that psychological counselling is not the same as psychotherapy. Certain issues, such as those that may arise from a psychiatric or psychological diagnosis require psychotherapy. In these cases, it is advisable to contact a psychotherapist. If you feel that you are in crisis and need a consultation urgently, please go to your nearest hospital or contact your Emergency Hotline (Canton de Vaud Emergency Hotline: 0848 133 133). 

What will sessions look like? 

Psychological counselling sessions last 60 minutes and may take place at my practice in Vevey (Rue des Bosquets 33) or online using the Google Meets video-conferencing platform.  My office is found in Espace Bosquets, a centre that unites various health professionals dedicated to the physical and psychological wellbeing of their clients.

Psychological assessment sessions vary in terms of time and number of sessions. Regardless of the test you require, I always provide a restitution session as well as a written report (optional), detailing your results and offering hypotheses and an analysis of the test's findings. Please feel free to contact me so that we can assess together how best to respond to your needs. 

Workshops are entirely individualised to suit your needs, and can be an hour to several hours long. I also collaborate with Vania Regard, Swiss-Licensed Psychologist at Sereneo, to offer workshops on relaxation and mindfulness techniques for larger groups. Please contact me for queries and fees. 

Are you reimbursed by insurances? 

How much does a session cost? 

60 minute psychological counselling sessions are 150.- CHF, to be paid for at the end of an in-person session via cash, card, Twint or e-banking, or prior to our session via EBanking if it is an online session. You will receive a receipt that you can send to your insurance for an eventual reimbursement. Please note that any additional work completed outside of sessions, such as insurance reports, questionnaire analysis, eventual collaboration with your family doctor or other health professionals is charged at 10.- CHF per 5 minutes.

Psychological assessments fees vary depending on your request. Please get in touch with me so that we can determine together the tests that you need and from there I can calculate the cost. 

For workshops, please contact me so that we can discuss your project and my fees. 

Psychologists are not reimbursed by basic health insurance (LaMal) here in Switzerland (updated 10.04.24). However, some complementary insurances, especially international insurances, reimburse a part of the cost of services offered by Swiss-Licensed psychologists (Fédération Suisse des Psychologues). To be sure, please contact your complementary insurance to see what is covered by your contract. When calling them, it is important to state that you are seeking reimbursement information for psychologists, not psychotherapists (two terms often confused by the insurances). 

What is the cancellation policy? 

Sessions that have not been cancelled at least 48 working hours in advance will be billed to you at the full fee, regardless of the reason for cancellation. Indeed, it can be difficult for me to replace the missed appointment at such short notice. 

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