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Privacy Policy

Please note that...

The following data protection declaration, which applies to the use of our website as well as the services offered on it, informs you about the collection of personal data during your browsing experience. 

We process personal data in adherence to the current Swiss Helvetic laws and data protection requirements.

Collection of data and general information

Each time you visit our website, general information and data is collected. They are recorded in server logs. The types and versions of browsers used, the operating system used by the accessing system, the website from which an accessing system arrives onto our website (referred to as the referrer), the sub-pages accessed by an accessing system on our website, the date and time of access to the website, your internet protocol address (IP address), the internet service provider of the accessing system, and other similar data and information intended to prevent risks in the event of attacks on our IT infrastructure can be recorded.

Personal data

Personal data refers to all information that relates to an identified or identifiable person. Processing includes all handling of personal data. 

Type, purpose, and scope of processing

By using this website, you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this data protection declaration.

Only the personal data necessary for the proper visualization of the website's content, the optimization of its content, the guarantee of the sustainable operation of the IT infrastructure and technology of the website, as well as the provision of information necessary for law enforcement authorities in the event of a cyber attack, are processed.

Personal data is processed for the duration necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Personal data that is no longer required for processing is made anonymous or deleted.

Data security and liability

Adequate and appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure data protection and security. Despite such measures, the processing of personal data on the internet can lead to violations of data protection. Therefore, we cannot guarantee absolute data security and decline all liability when using this website (including linked websites) and Google services (related to email and correspondance). 

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